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Fashion Week Catfight: Blog Fashion Indie Takes on the New York Observer, World

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There are a couple ways to raise your profile as a fashion blogger: You can get a newspaper to write an article about you and your pet projects, or you can pick a fight with another blogger, threaten a lawsuit, and send out press releases about it. (You could theoretically also just get good access and write smart, funny posts, but come on, let's not go nuts.)

This Fashion Week, Yuli Zev took the former route, appearing in a New York Observer article about her new guild of fashion bloggers, the Style Coalition. Part of the group's goal is to improve the reputation of writers who are currently seen as a rowdy, rule-breaking bunch—like, the article suggested, the crowd at Fashion Indie, a site run by the blogger Daniel Saynt.

The piece wasn't really about Saynt, but in the comments section, Lauren of Second City Style wrote "As a member of the online fashion media I can tell you the behavior of Daniel Saynt is not the norm and in fact is counter-productive. The Perez Hilton of fashion? Give me a break. Creating a scene is sophomoric and unfortunate."

So Saynt (or, we suppose, someone pretending to be him) posted with three-paragraph-long response that started like this:

Let me state first and foremost Lauren that you can go FUCK YOURSELF. Seriously. Your site generates as much traffic as a Bluelight sale at K-Mart and your overall influence in the fashion world is about as much as Anna Wintour's recently fired assistants.
And today, a press release announcing that Saynt was looking to sue the Observer landed in our inbox. If this all sounds faintly familiar, it's because Saynt has been involved in blogger warfare before: This summer, he took on fashion network Coutourture.
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