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First Look: Inside the Diesel Fifth Avenue "Planet"

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[Photos by Will Femia]

By the time you read this, it is very likely that the new ginormous Diesel flagship on Fifth Avenue and 54th Street will be open (at 10am). Its arrival to the main Midtown shopping strip is both a fulfillment of Diesel president Renzo Rosso's dream to have a store on 5th Avenue and the fourth Diesel "planet" in the world (next to Tokyo, Hong Kong and Milan).

Intrigued by the news that they'd be offering "over 700 different denim styles and washes on every floor," we dropped into yesterday evening's press preview and snooped around the Italian-made interior. They must also have 700 different watches, as every display seemed stocked with funky timepieces, many with several timezones.

During our visit. Diesel was setting up to host the first of their "Five on Fifth" dinner series, whereby New York personalities eat a full, real dinner inside of the main window on Fifth Avenue. Every night through Friday, the window will transform from a NY apartment scene into a dining room, with future guests to include Giants football players and socialites Arden Wohl and Hope Atherton. This particular evening was "club kid" night, and so we watched Richie Rich, Sultana, Patrick MacDonald and Kenny Kenny sip champagne and dig in to a scrumptious-looking meal.

If you happen to be hanging out on Fifth Avenue between 8-9pm during the next few nights, look out for this odd display; it's a rare chance to get to watch socialites eat.