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First Impressions: Erin Fetherston

Photos via Fashionology

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Last night, platinum-haired designer Erin Fetherston showed her latest over-the-top girly collection. Here, what they're saying about it around the web:

1.) Hint Mag: "Erin said she was really excited about this show, but nothing could have prepared me for just how wonderful it was—the whimsy, girlish fantasy and so much more. The music began with the sound of a music box, and it was as if we were transported to some magical fairytale. Russian dolls and ballerinas appeared in layered, vintage-like skirts and sleeves poufed in just the right places, while models made to look like soldiers marched past in pants that were cool and cigarette-y. Some of the tutu dresses, in rich and warm colors, made me itch for toe shoes."

2.) Fashionista: "This evening's Erin Fetherston show had us wondering now about how to wear a hooped miniskirt or the appropriateness of three bows down the front of your top past the age of seven, but about who actually buys Erin Fetherston's clothes. Because we don't know any adults - especially ones ready to drop several thousands on a dress - who actually want to look like creepy dolls come to life."

3.) amNY: "This show echoed the doll theme that Barbie started earlier in the week. But these dolls were no Barbies. Far from it—there was something tawdry and weathered about Fetherston’s doll-faced models, who paraded down the runway in an explosion of bell- or umbrella-shaped skirts and dresses. Some with asymmetrical, off-kilter fabrics worked better but it’s still pretty obscure."

4.) NY Daily News: "Erin Fetherston delivered her characteristic whimsy at the Promenade Sunday, but the front row looked a little confused. We caught Brittany Snow and one of the brunettes from the new cast of '90210' (does it really matter which one?) with furrowed brows as the models walked in bow-clad mini dresses, which gave way to puffy dresses topped off with glittery bunny-mask hats (yes, you read that right). We have to admit it did take the whole fantasy thing to another level."