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Offsite: Corpus Likes It Toned Down

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The Corpus Fall 2009 presentation at the Bowery Hotel felt more like a loft party than a fashion presentation. This was reflected in the show’s casual atmosphere, which included fun music (sort of Vampire Weekend meets The Cure), which the models kind of danced to. Low lighting and bartenders doling out glasses of wine topped off the relaxed vibe. The crowd was, for the most part, a lot of personable hipsters, and the occasional TV personality—well, maybe just one. Robert Verdi—sunglasses on bald head and all—strutted his stuff for the cameras and interviewers whilst he admired the clothes.

Speaking of clothes, you can’t really go wrong with Corpus. Their style continues in a very dark, sort of rebellious way, which evidently translates to not a lot of color. The guys were mostly dressed in rolled-up skinny jeans in either back or grey, with an equally subdued button up or sweater. The girls’ outfits showed a little more pizazz, with sheer, flowy blouses and ruffled dresses paired with thigh-high stockings and heels. Overall though, nothing was terribly fresh. Some of that blue-green plaid we saw this past season made its way onto both men’s and women’s pants, and a nice jacket for the guys complete with gold zippers. Known for subtle details, Corpus also provides some knits with tiny buckles and intentional holes. While big beanies may have drawn attention to the models heads, we were more concerned with the exposed grandpa socks that were everywhere—what would Robert Verdi have to say?—Jake Goicoechea