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Liveblogging the Shows: Hervé Légér

Racked is no longer publishing. Thank you to everyone who read our work over the years. The archives will remain available here; for new stories, head over to, where our staff is covering consumer culture for The Goods by Vox. You can also see what we’re up to by signing up here.

In an effort to make reading Racked as much like being in the tents as humanly possible, we'll be liveblogging the shows all week, from the suspense of waiting in line (will the seats be any good?) to the drama of the runway (will anyone stumble?) to the post-show euphoria. This time around: Sexy bandage dresses from Hervé Légér.

Show location: The Promenade at Bryant Park
The skinny: Lots of sexy, body-conscious bandage dresses. The palette was somber—blacks, grays, and olive greens—but by no means drab. Some dresses were decorated with leather strips, others with shiny metal beading.
Celebs spotted: Women who can actually wear the dresses: Lucy Lui, Michelle Trachtenberg, Joy Bryant, Sophia Bush.
The takeaway: There weren't any big surprises at Hervé Légér—the fashion house stuck with what it knows. And most post-show blog talk will probably concentrate on the bloodshed (two models fell, and one came close to falling). That being said, we liked it. Perfect garb for tight-bodied starlets.

2:05pm: I'm in. There's one row of seats in the center that the dark wood runway wraps around. A bunch of the front row seats are reserved for socialites. Is Sophia Bush going to this show? She was wearing an Hervé Légér dress in the Star Lounge.

2:14pm: Joy Bryant getting papped in a purple bandage dress.

2:16pm: They just swept the curtain to the American Express skybox open.

2:18pm: I'm sitting fourth row. They're giving out purple Hervé Légér umbrellas.

2:23pm: Lucy Liu is up front, and people are going nuts swarming her. Also, the socialites just arrived. I see Derek Blasberg, Genevieve Jones, some others.

2:25pm: The City has arrived. The photographers go wild. Derek Blasberg, by the way, is wearing purple pants.

2:30pm: It begins. Somber colors: Browns, muddy purples, acid greens.

2:33pm: Model down! Everyone clapped when she stood up.

2:35pm: Now we're seeing sequins and a white dress with a flirtier, swingier A-line skirt—a little goddessy, less tough.

2:38pm: Before the first model fell, another stumbled, and someone from the front row saved her. The runway must be really slippery.

2:40pm: This furry-looking beaded cropped top has appeared a couple times. Also lots more sequins, mostly gunmetal gray. Other reoccurring themes: Asymmetrical tops, sharp shoulders.

4:43pm: Time for the parade of models. The one in front is grinning, probably because she didn't wipe out like half her colleagues.

4:45pm: And we're done here.