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Offsite: Pernicious Prep is the Look at Band of Outsiders

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What was undoubtedly one of the top shows thus far (and yet only a presentation), Band of Outsiders' Chinatown showing brought out the best even before brunch. Entering a second-floor rough space, with windows blocked out by rickety shutters, attendees found models posed in various tableaux vivants, all channeling naughty prep schoolboy/girl. In fact, we heard some of the models chatting crudely with each other as if they were indeed wayward teens.

Lucky for us, Kanye West made his first Fashion Week appearance at the show, fully supported by his colorful entourage and surprisingly un-mobbed by fans. Instead, Jason Wu got all the attention as he worked the entire place, chatting with everyone and modestly accepting congratulations (even from us) on his own collection.

As for the look at Band of Outsiders: it's like a dark and musty version of Gossip Girl. We weren't feeling the scarily uncomfortable-looking Manolo Blahnik shoe collaboration, but we have to admit that the models weren't tottering. Throughout the presentation, the New York-ness was represented in park benches and street lights reminiscent of after-school dalliances behind bushes in Central Park, and male models leered a la Chuck Bass. We were enthralled; the leer is so hot right now.

Band of Outsiders

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