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Hangover Observations: McQueen For Target Preview Party Brings Out the Fashion Plates, Their Credit Cards

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How do we even begin to describe what was one of the best Fashion Week parties we've ever experienced? For one, Target has finally delivered on the "international" of the "Go! International" line; the crowd at the McQ Alexander McQueen release last night was truly from all over the place. It was a veritable rainbow of cultures, nearly matched in variety by the styles of partygoer's outfits.

We enjoyed better people watching here than at the Bryant Park Tents, as the door policy at the McQueen Market was lax; it is Target after all. Anyone who knew about it and was dressed better than their pajamas could attend, although many used it as an occasion to dust off their most expensive, avant-garde pieces. The men were dashing in tailored layers and the women pranced about in sky-high heels, despite probably having worn them all day.

As mulled cider and mini cones of fish and chips were passed around the gigantic grungy warehouse space, we couldn't help but wonder at the chasm of differences between the Target Bodega and the McQueen Market. Where the Bodega was uptown and older, the Market is most definitely downtown, young and rebellious. Did we spot celebs? Yes yes yes, but only briefly as tonight is like, major party time for them: Michele Trachtenberg, Brittany Snow, "the girls from The City," Amanda Bynes and Gretchen Moll (!!).

Of course all of the McQ for Target was there for the purchasing, and it seems the most popular items were the main one-shoulder dress, the light denim cropped jacket and the sleeveless cropped leather jacket, the last being popular with men. Judging from our fitting room escapades, the fit is overall better than the past collections and the details as well (we're sure Target had to agree to certain standards to nab McQueen).

The details if you plan to go today or tomorrow, when the market is open to the general public: Take the 1 train to Houston and walk west to West Street, and the Market is just south of you. Plan on spending time touring around the various installations and sculptures commissioned for this McQueen Market; they're quite good. Allot some more time to the fitting rooms; since 7-8pm was "bloggers only" time (when we heard this, we blushed), we managed to get in and out quickly, but everyone else was in for an hour wait. Checking out is further down past the fitting rooms, and thankfully they accept credit cards as well as good old cash. You'll even get a regular Target receipt, along with a special Duke Spirit CD.
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