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Off Site: Slow and Steady Wins the Race Brings Cake and Ice Cream to Kiosk

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Designer Mary Ping has completed her 21st installation for her coveted indie brand Slow and Steady Wins the Race, and she's decided to celebrate with a blowout party at Soho shop Kiosk. Last night, a particularly "downtown" (as Olivia Palermo would say) crowd gathered at the Spring Street boutique to sip on wine from plastic cups, snack on a variety of cakes (some of which were made of ice cream, and were therefore melting onto the floor) and gaze at the Slow and Steady installation. At first, we were unsure what to look for. Then, we were informed that the week-long installation was the party decor itself. Ping has filled 21 pinatas with clothes, jewelry and other accessories; shoppers can buy one (they're priced at $100 and $200 depending on size), and crack it open to reveal what's inside. So if you love surprises, and birthday parties, get over there before they sell out. We just appreciated a slice of cake after a very long first day of Fashion Week.
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