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Hangover Observations: Mercedes-Benz Gets The Virgins to Play At Shang

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So many glasses broke at last night's Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week kick-off party at Shang, we fear that the restaurant might have to order an entire new set of tumblers and champagne flutes. About 30 shattered during The Virgins' set, when a busboy decided to start clearing tables located dangerously close to the stage. Some highlights of the night:

1) A lot of celebs showed up (maybe that's why the front row at Lacoste was so devoid of them this morning). A quick roll call: Amanda Bynes, Ryan McGinley, Cory Kennedy, Kelly Cutrone, Tyrese, Christian Sirano and many others. There was also a ton of models, fashion industry types and plain weirdos.

2) We never thought we'd hear someone talking over a loud speaker at a fancy fashion party like this, but that is exactly what happened. Someone (we couldn't hear who), took to the mike to announce that "Fashion Week is going strong" and "Yes We Can!!" To be fair, Fashion Week did seem to be going pretty strong yesterday.

3) Speaking of weirdos, someone enlighten us: Who was the man with the platinum blond hair, raccoon-like eye makeup and spandex pants? The one that resembled the love child of Jared Leto in Fight Club, and Jared Leto at a 30 Seconds to Mars set. That's a lot of look.

4) The lead singer of The Virgins was wearing the same outfit as he probably wore in 7th grade: Oversize flannel shirt, baggy tee, jeans. Skinny as a pre-pubescent, too.

5) And finally, a gift bag report. We took home two bottles of special-edition Essie nail polish (Palladium Silver and Black Series), Mercedes-Benz notebook, and a heavy-duty Mercedes-Benz keychain. Not too bad.