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Liveblogging the Shows: Barbie

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In an effort to make reading Racked as much like being in the tents as humanly possible, we'll be liveblogging the shows all week, from the suspense of waiting in line (will the seats be any good?) to the drama of the runway (will anyone stumble?) to the post-show euphoria. This time around: Barbie celebrates her fiftieth birthday with a show of looks by fifty different designers.

Show location: The Tent at Bryant Park
The skinny: This was a Barbie-lover's waking dream: Full-size dolls strutting down the runway in amazing designs by the likes of Calvin Klein and Betsey Johnson to a pumping soundtrack.
Celebs spotted: Designers like Diane von Furstenberg, Kimora and Peter Som; TV personalities like Miss J, Robert Verdi, Heidi Klum, that girl who wanted to be an actress from Real World Brooklyn, and Julia Allison. IMG honcho Fern Mallis was also in attendance.
The takeaway: Given Marc's cutbacks, we're going to go ahead and declare this the biggest show of the season. No one else is going to do a minutes-long video before their runway show even begins. And they managed to give every single person seated a Barbie and Barbie-themed chocolates from Dylan's Candy Bar. Very nice.

2:56pm: Barbie has caused the entire population of the tents to go collectively insane. We're waiting in a massive crowd of frantic, shoving people, all packed shoulder-to-shoulder—or nose-to-kneecap, in the case of the many small girls in the crowd.

3:05pm: Jennifer Love Hewitt comes down the stairs from the show tents looking teeny.

3:10pm: Julia Allison is here cornering little girls and asking them about Barbie. She's wearing a red tutu.

3:12pm: Freebies: Every seat gets a Barbie, Barbie chocolates, and a Barbie book.

3:13pm: The curtain is a pink sparkly projection (naturally). ROBERT VERDI is here, also Suzy Menkes and Fern Mallis. Miss J Alexander and Verdi are posing together. One woman seems to have dyed her hair pink for the occasion.

3:16pm: DVF is chatting with Fabiola Beracasa.

3:20pm: All the little girls must watch reality TV, because they're all posing with Miss J and Robert Verdi. One sat on Miss J's lap. Fabiola Beracasa, by the way, is wearing big black-frame glasses and has her hair pulled back—she looks like a completely different person.

3:24pm: Kimora is here in a leopard coat. Of course.

3:35pm: Fabsugar has a live feed of the show for those folks following at home.

3:36pm: Heidi is here with really short hair. And Julia Allison is sitting two seats from Fern.

3:42pm: They're unwrapping the runway!

3:44: Also in the front row: Joe Zee and a girl from Real World Brooklyn.

3:45pm: They're starting with a video about Barbie's fabulousness to a soundtrack of Hole's "Doll Parts" remixed by Dimitri of Paris, apparently.

3:47pm: Model in gray trenchcoat and Barbie's signature striped maillot comes stomping down the runway. She's also got Barbie's signature haircut and makeup.

3:49pm: The models are styled as life-sized dolls. Woman next to me: "Look at the tattoo on her leg! I don't think Barbie has a tattoo."

3:55pm: Tall hair, hot-pink heels. Barbie apparently is OK with fur. And wears exposed thigh-high stockings a la Clueless. Meanwhile, fifties music plays.

3:57pm: Now we're getting into mod. Surprising amount of black and white. Unrelated: Just noticed Peter Som in the front row.

3:59pm: Red gown comes down the runway accessorized with a "Miss Barbie" sash and crown. People gasp.

4:00pm: Now it's getting bridal. Uh oh. Are they going to do a line of actual Barbie bridal gowns?

4:01pm: Curtains close, then re-open. Did we just go from the 50s to the 60s? A little spooky how much these girls look like dolls. Instead of tight ponytails, now we're seeing giant hair. The skirts are insanely short, and the trademark Barbie pink has appeared with a vengeance.

4:05pm: An American-flag dress that seems to be the same one Heidi Klum wore on Ellen after the election. But that was in November! Mysterious.

4:07pm: Now we're onto the '70s. This show really is every Barbie lover's dream. Also going to be SO LONG.

4:08pm: Suddenly, all the models are wearing turbans and have feathers pasted onto their eyelids. Some also have Princess Leia braids. The 70s might not have been Barbie's finest decade.

4:15pm: It's over! Apparently they decided to skip 80s Barbie (which we know well—very well) and 90s Barbie, not to mention the last decade. Models come out hand-in-hand with little kids, all of whom seem thrilled to be there. Did we just see Kimora's girls?

4:17pm: They're playing "Barbie World" by Aqua, making it officially the first time that song has ever been appropriate for anything.