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Off Site: SPURR's Wearable Space Odyssey

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Tents and catwalks are apparently going out of style. Now, it's all about the trendy Chelsea studio and "presentation." So, in anticipation of the new craze, we arrived early to SPURR's fall 2009 show at Milk Studios. Up on the eighth floor, huge windows lit the minimal white studio, and as per usual, the models appeared terribly bored—until they actually did get bored, and then shamelessly began talking to each other. A DJ was blasting music that you'd find on a soundtrack from any Sofia Coppola movie (New Order, etc), and the colorful assortment of observers created a very nice, unpretentious vibe.

It's really hard to believe that only three years have passed since Simon Spurr launched his line of menswear—everything he does is impeccable and clearly thought out. Though quirkily inspired by Stanley Kubrick's film 2001: A Space Odyssey, this season’s looks were all very wearable, with muted black and grey classics contrasted with colorful, more modern accents. Take for example our friend Vladimir, clad in black cigarette pants and a raspberry leather jacket. The cool, classic threads also include some very nice blazers in a mélange of textures (from grey and raspberry tweed to a shiny gun metal fabric). In addition to these, SPURR showcased a couple of wonderful Comme des Garcons-esque deconstructed jackets, and some retro button-ups. In the end, the presentation sold us—Kubrick would be proud.

Oh, and on the way out we totally met (and got a picture of) Kirk and Chris Bray—the brothers behind leather accessories brand, Billy Kirk!—Jake Goicoechea