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Warehouse Party: Climbing Through Clothing at Barneys

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We aren't going to sugarcoat the situation over at the Barneys Warehouse Sale at the end of its first day, when all the best merch should be still good for the grabbing, but it's a real shitstorm. For us and for you, we hacked through the maze of racks there yesterday evening, in the midst of the evening rush hour, with determination to find some great steals.

Instead, for every semi-interesting Dries van Noten piece or flattering DvF, we had to muck through gobs of Kate Moss for Topshop from two years ago (and like, 4 sales ago) and an inexplicable amount of Balenciaga. The economy and previous deep sales at the actual Barneys store has hit this sale hard, and we agree with commenters who noticed that the long line to checkout of sales past is not to be found this year. The crowds of shoppers are still there; they're just not as inspired.

So we leave you to our photo gallery of finds above. It's worth comparing this season's bounty with last year. We kid you not that each time we fished something out a rack for a picture, it was swarmed by curious shoppers, some who waited until after we shot it to nab it; still, we doubt they bought.Enjoy and good luck!
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