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Off Site: At Lorick, Subdued Colors and an Accordion Soundtrack

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Last Fashion Week, former model Abigail Lorick showcased her collection with a presentation in which beehived girls stood around eating mounds of pastel-frosted cakes. This time around, her show just as atmospheric but much less giddy. It opened with a lone hipster—apparently Dave Thomas, who wrote the music for the show—squeezing a mournful tune out of his accordion. The first several looks were all black or gray, and although we saw one playful circle skirt, the dresses mostly had serious, sensible, 1930s shapes. Eventually some gold and blue and red appeared, but the vibe remained somber, even in dresses with completely sheer midriffs. It was all very feminine and lovely—just, you know, accordion-appropriate.

Side note: One of the models came stomping down the runway minus a shoe. Amazingly, she managed to carry herself so well that it seemed almost deliberate, as if one-shoe-lessness was going to be big in fall '09, but we're still counting it as the first official footwear malfunction of Fashion Week.
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