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Lineblogging: Once Again, Barneys Brings Them Out

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It's that time again! Sharpen those elbows and gather your credit cards close, for today the Barneys Warehouse Sale begins. And neither rain, nor cold, nor recession will keep the people from their deals. A dedicated Racked correspondent will be on the scene all day, bringing you photos and reports of the madness. Get ready.

7:11am: "I'm here! About 40 to 50 people in line already."

7:17am: "There's a guy with a camera filming the line. Meanwhile, another ten people now in line behind me."

7:29am: "OMG weird. This guy just came down the line yelling, 'Everybody here wearing jeans, the agency says you are going to be put in a special area.' He kind of sounds like Al Pacino, old-school New York accent. Everyone in line is completely horrified. And then he comes back and is like, 'Never mind, I thought you were all here for the temp agency [ed. note: there's a temp agency over there?]. You're shoppers, you can do whatever you want.' Hilarious, because if there's one group of people who'd be horrified that they're going to be segregated for wearing denim it's people who woke up at 6am to hit the Barneys sale."

7:33am: "More than a hundred people are now in line behind me."

7:40am: "People in line talking about today's weather forecast: gusts of 50-mile-per-hour winds. Totally adverse shopping conditions."

7:48am: "Line looks like it's reached the end of the block."

7:59am: "The line is moving! Here we go."

8:13am: "Report from the dress trenches: lots of 3.1 Phillip Lim for about $200. Tons of Barneys brand, some Alexander Wang. Am currently toting around an unpriced Wang dress in the faint hope that it's somehow within my budget."

8:24am: "Jeans: lots of Joe's, Acne, Tsubi. Seems like everything is $59 to $89. Spotted some Rogan and some Loomstate (more on that later). Glut of high-waisted jeans from last time seems gone now."

8:34am: "Shoes: I'm seeing a ton of Lanvin, and they're all in the $300 range. Good boot selection here as well."

8:43am: "Overheard: 'These are hot. I wish guys could wear heels'—dude ringing up shoes."

8:52am: "More on the shoes: Lots of Prada lace-up boots and booties ($719, was $1,800). Keep seeing cute Louboutin boots for $379 (was $950). This one totally insane style of Vero Cueros Margielas with a nail for a heel are $515 (was $1,295) and are everywhere. Also popular: teal patent leather Chloe boots for $499 (was $1,245). And there are plenty of pairs from Sigerson Morrison and Costume National."

8:55am: "This one Alexander Wang tank for $125 is popping up everywhere in the women's racks."

8:58am: "I'm in the designer section right now. It's a real mish-mosh this year. No one designer dominates. Just chaos."

9:22am: "Babies spotted! One in shoes, the other in denim."

We've got more on the women's selection here; stay tuned for a report on menswear.

Barneys Warehouse Sale

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