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Halston Hits the (Virtual) Runway a Day Early

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So that clip of the Halston runway show music video that was supposed to go out to editors on Friday? It just now arrived into our inbox, and it's not so secret as they wanted you to believe. In fact, anyone can freely watch it right here.

It's hardly in the same league as Viktor & Rolf's precedent-setting online fashion shows of last season, but we give Halston credit for accessibility. During the video, a model in an ethereal yellow dress bounds down the sidewalk, passing lethargic couples in parked cars and other tableaux vivants. While we tried to focus on the clothes, we just couldn't get past the odd run of the model; it reminded us of a deer running from a hunter, especially towards the end. The rain of shoes, however, was pretty darling and the homage to Andy Warhol with the silver balloons was redeeming. Check it out before tomorrow's runway shows sweep the film into obscurity.
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