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Above the Fray: Men Keeping It Calm Downstairs at the Barneys Warehouse Sale

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Down in the basement at 255 West 17th Street, home as ever to the men's selection at the Barneys Warehouse Sale, relative calm prevailed this morn. Nowhere was that more true than in the suit aisles, which often sees the most opening-morning action. Other than a rather large gentleman griping openly about the lack of suits in size 50 and 52 ("We just don't get much inventory in that size," the floor manager patiently explained), those aisles were mostly untrammeled, making for a calm experience for anyone in need of business attire. Ditto for the bins of business shirts, often a mess but this morning, eerily ordered. Also better stocked than usual as noontime approached: tuxedos, tucked away against the wall at the far end of the suit aisles. There, we spotted a Prada number marked down from $2,799 to $899, and plenty of Hugo Boss and its single-button ilk at half-off, $1,099 repriced at $599.

Sportcoats? Plenty of selection, not a lot of action. Ditto outwear. Those in the market for marked-down cashmere jackets, your size is probably waiting.

Meantime, through the passageway to all things denim and sweater, we saw considerably more commotion; bins were being vigorously pawed through—that's more like it. Nearby, in the unfortunately small shoe section, the usual state of affairs prevailed: designer shoes in multiple hues at rates roughly 50% off the Barneys norm, and chukka boots galore. Indeed, prices haven't been pared to match the economy; we agreed with a fashion-guru friend for one of this town's daily newspapers that we ran into that both selection and pricing across the floor was business as usual.

Another friend spotted across the way was sporting a blue-velvet jacket that he was considering buying: "Perfect for the Fashon Week parties, no?" he inquired. Go for it, sir, we implored. The exchange brought another rack-browser into the conversation, who lamented the good old days of the Warehouse sale, "10, 20 years ago" when "everything was $2 or $10." Right, yes. We were, er, alive then?

Gentlemen, your special finds and purchase reports in the comments, svp.
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