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Bloomies Goes Bonkers Over Barbie's 50th Anniversary

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The army of plastic has arrived at Bloomingdale's Midtown location, where the "Barbie Loves Bloomingdale's NYC" installation of over 120 vintage dolls and a mini Barbie shop have debuted. This is, of course, in celebration of Barbie's 50th Anniversary and to prepare everyone for the barrage of pink hitting the runway on Saturday as Mattel stages the Barbie fashion show in the tents at Bryant Park.

The news at Bloomies, however, is that if you purchase anything from the small Barbie boutique on the second floor, that you will receive a limited-edition lithograph drawing by Barbie designer Richard Best, who will then be there this evening at 6pm to sign them.

You officially have one hour to buy a doll you probably haven't touched in years. And that's the whole idea of this spectacular; from the Barbie Rootstein mannequins in the 3rd Avenue windows to the Barbie sitting area in women's, Mattel wants to envelop you in the brand so that maybe, just maybe, you'll once again pick up the doll. Good luck Mattel, you've got the economy fighting against you.
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