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Exclusive: Inside Green Depot Bowery

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[Photos by Daniel Krieger]

The greenest spot on the Bowery is no longer that verdant community garden next to Avalon Chrystie Place. It's the new Green Depot building supplies store that's opening tomorrow morning at 222 Bowery. At 3,500 square feet, the place is massive. It's housed in a landmarked building that was at one time home to New York City's first YMCA, and the company used 90% of its own materials to renovate the space, which is now a candidate for LEED certification.

Enter, and you'll find eco-friendly items of all sorts. Cleaning supplies (priced at $4.95 apiece) are shelved right next to a tap system they'll use to refill empties; on the opposite side of the room, there's a wall of paint, primer, brushes and caulk. In back, there are mini-showrooms dedicated to flooring, kitchens, nursery setups and more.
Think of it as Home Depot for the earth-conscious.