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Gristedes' Seizure of Beloved Village Grocer Confirmed

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[Photo via Flaming Pablum]

This week's Villager confirms a nasty neighborhood rumor that was circulating about the fate of cherished grocery Jefferson Market. The store has indeed been acquired by Gristedes. The chain's PR team would have you believe that the store won't be turning into just another Gristedes:

A Gristedes spokesperson confirmed the news on Monday, stating that all the original Jefferson Market employees, as well as the store’s name, will be retained in the conversion. The interior has been reconfigured to maximize space from wall to wall, and the Montuoris will remain on as co-owners.

But that picture might be a little too rosy. In a letter to the paper, a Village resident says that most Jefferson Market employees won't be back because Gristedes is offering "relative pittances to return." Somewhere, John Catsimatidis is cackling and stroking a bald cat.
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