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In the Window: Partners & Spade Responds to Aviary-Gate By Finding the Birds New Homes

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Last Friday, a tipster sent in a rant about the live birds in the window of new Noho design shop Partners & Spade, basically arguing that nobody, not even a bird, should have to live in a store window. The shop appears to have taken the complaints pretty seriously. Today we spotted a sign in the window explaining that the display was designed with the birds' well-being in mind:

This aviary has been custom designed by the manager of Birdcamp. They are well taken care of everyday, their food and water replenished and bedding cleaned. The aviary is climate controlled with an electric heater and fan for proper circulation. The birds hover towards the top out of habit, not to stay warm. Please be assured that Partners & Spade has taken every precaution to make sure that the birds are happy and healthy.

Partners & Spade's owners say that they put up the sign in response to the pamphlets and stickers on bird rights that have appeared on their windows over the past few days. The criticism has also inspired them to take a stronger step: It seems, as they noted in the comments section, that the birds are on their way out.

The display will come down as soon as the birds are all assigned to good homes. (If you want one, contact the store at 646-861-2827, but be aware that they're screening adoptive bird parents pretty heavily.) As for the windows themselves, their future is unclear. After spending three months working with Birdcamp to plan the current display, Partners & Spade hasn't yet determined how to come up something equally eye-catching.
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