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Things We Never Thought We'd See: A Jetblue Pop-Up

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Continuing the holiday 2009 trend of pop-up shops that don't sell anything (see eBay and Wired), a new store has just been installed in the Meatpacking space formerly belonging to Operations. Believe it or not, store is from NY-based budget airline Jetblue, and they're looking to inject a little humor into the holiday shopping and peak travel season with their "Flyer's Collection" concept.

We're actually pretty bummed that you can't buy any of the funny gadgets in the shop?all gimmick items that Jetblue says you'd need if you aren't flying with them, but with the mysterious "Other Guys." Think things like a seatback siren to alert those behind you when you plan to recline, a full-body compression suit and "knee jockey" for fitting into small airline seats, and?our personal favorite?a luggage suit so that you can avoid paying baggage fees. The products are so convincing, we wonder if they hired a prop artist like the sort who would work for Jay Leno.

A preview of all of their items is featured on Jetblue's Facebook page, but the pop-up could be worth stopping by for kicks if you're already Christmas shopping in the Meatpacking District. We wonder if we can maybe special order that compression suit...?
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50 9th Ave., New York, NY