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Tavi Goes Behind The Scenes at Rodarte for Target

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At the request of Kate and Laura Mulleavy teacup blogger Tavi went behind the scenes to make a Rodarte for Target preview video for The designers said they tapped Tavi for the project because "she is a mix between J.D. Salinger, Dorothy Parker, and Cindy Sherman. Our favorite combination!"

For Tavi's part, one of her favorite pieces is the mustard-yellow lace cardigan. She also stopped by to say hello to some front-row sitters at the Rodarte show, like Jason Schwartzman, Kirsten Dunst and Elijah Wood, who says he and the Mulleavys have a "rolling horror night where we just get together and watch horror movies."

By the way, we love preview videos like these because you inevitably get a couple glimpses of the clothes in motion. In this case, those little tulle dresses look really amazing blowing in the wind.
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