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Judith Leiber Sells A $3,000 Hello Kitty Clutch

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Actually, there's a $4,000 one as well. Itty-bitty and super sparkly clutches costing well into the four digits isn't anything new at Judith Leiber's flagship store at 680 Madison Avenue, but when these bags bear crystal images of the insanely popular Sanrio character Hello Kitty, we've got to wonder what's up.

If you believe the marketing, these bags are made to attract a younger customer to Judith Leiber, although we're stuck wondering exactly what young girl?or even an older, dedicated Hello Kitty fan?would be crazy enough to plop down more money for this than it would take to just buy a plane ticket to Tokyo to binge on all the Sanrio there.

But perhaps all Judith Leiber has met with the curse of Sex and the City and thus remains a seriously acquired taste. Don't act like you don't remember the exact episode: Carrie receives a gift from Big and it's a sparkly Leiber bird clutch which she hates. Leiber comes back in the Sex and the City movie as the cupcake-shaped bag in which Carrie's cell phone gets hidden. Bad luck?if we cared. Anyways, let's just look at the rest of the sparkly pictures from her Madison Avenue windows.
· Hello Kitty Exclusives [Judith Leiber]

680 Madison Ave., New York, NY