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Lineblogging: The Early Bird Gets the DVF

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The DVF sale is always one of the biggest shopping events of the year. But since yesterday's friends and family preview was basically open to the public, will this morning see the same kind of rush we usually expect on the first day of big sample sales? Racked correspondent Fawnia Soo Hoo got up early to find out.

8:00am: Good morning! I just arrived and there are only about five ladies in front of me. Staffers are setting up racks and sales people are arriving.

8:03am: It's still too early for most people to be speaking. Someone just arrived to meet the third girl in line, so conversation is slowly perking up.

8:07am: Oh! A rack of fresh day dresses was just wheeled in from a mysterious location. Staffers are pulling out countless racks from the cellar storage.

8:09am: More dresses arriving.

8:12am: Now I see separates. Mainly tribal-print miniskirts. Good to see restocking after the friends and family sale yesterday. They're filling the empty racks from storage with fresh stock from some truck around the corner. Since they brought up at least ten racks, that's a good sign. Now I spot pants!

8:15am: Two more ladies with coffee have joined the line. That brings the Starbucks count to five.

8:21am: About five other people have joined the line, and staffers are still bringing stock into the store. Judging from the number of black slacks, I'm guessing that most women in line are stopping here on their way to work.

8:29am: Overheard in front of me: "This better be worth it!"

8:32am: Dishing with the lady in front of me about good and bad experiences at sample sales. It's unanimously agreed that customer service really makes a difference at a sale. This is her third year going to the DVF ones.

8:37am: Dresses are still coming in and the line has doubled. They added another set of rope and stanchions on the opposite side of the sidewalk.

8:38am: All the new stock pieces come in plastic garment bags, so there is a ridiculous amount of garbage. I spot at least 20 big black trash bags full of plastic bags. I hope you're recycling, DVF!

8:40am: Two very metro-looking guys just walked into the store. Must be DVF staff.

8:41am: Now sample sale staffers are storing three racks of dresses in the cellar. Store must be full!

8:44am: Watching them store some bright orange empire-waist mini-dresses. Line-goer in front of me: "Not very impressive."

8:46am: We're now assessing the overstock. Those miniskirts are pretty short. My neighbor says she's only seen one thing she would buy so far. Hope she does better inside.

8:48am: Line count: About fifty. I hear it's much smaller than in the past. It's also 35 degrees out.

8:49am: Now the line is almost at 28th Street. It seems like most people's strategy was to come fifteen minutes before opening.

8:54am: Looks like staffers are wrapping up. It's really cold out here. My fingers are frozen. Fingerless gloves only get you so far.

8:57am: The line has hit 28th Street. The cellar door is closed. Almost time!

8:58am: My line mate and I are preparing for the coat check now. Wallets and phones in pockets. We're ready.

8:58am: There are ladies crowding in front of the door. Don't they know there's a line? Oh...the two metro guys just walked out with paper shopping bags. VIP leftovers from yesterday?

9:00am: We're moving!

9:01am: Stupid coat check. People are getting antsy (and cold.)

9:02am: So close...

9:03am: Only one guy at the coat check? Really?

9:05am: Coat is checked. My fingers are frozen, but I'm in.

260 Fifth Ave, New York, NY