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Above the Fray: Morning Rush for DVF Devotees

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As we waited in line this morning for the Diane von Furstenberg sample sale, we watched staffers load in brand spankin' new items for a full hour. We anticipated a seriously well-stocked store—and we were not disappointed. The sale, offering up to 75% off separates and dresses, is packed with items and organized by size (0 to 14). The narrow aisles, especially between the 0-2 and 4-6 sizes, were as clogged as an LA freeway and shoppers were getting pretty pushy and grabby.

Judging from the frocks in hand, we predict that we'll be seeing lots of ladies dressed in bright blue or red leopard-print wrap dresses ($150) and black and white polka dot sleeveless shifts ($125), though we also spotted lots of solids, tribal prints, polka dots, and lace. (A full price list is in the photos). The vintage numbers are supposedly mixed into the racks, but we have a feeling that they were thoroughly picked over by the Friends & Family shoppers yesterday. Also mostly gone: Cocktail dresses ($250) and coats ($350). The two $50 sample racks in back were being hit pretty hard, also.

The sweaters are located in boxes marked by size in the back. They were $80, as were few questionable and overpriced print leggings hanging on the wall. We spotted some 100% wool wrap numbers and button-front cashmere blend cardigans with a cute epaulet in a light dusty rose and royal blue. The only other accessories available are $10 candles and a $5 black-and-white print canvas airplane pouch. Sadly, the $100 sample bags are long gone.

As usual, be prepared for a coat and bag check as you enter. Thankfully, they eventually increased the one coat checker by tenfold, so the procedure is pretty quick. There is a 10 garment limit in the communal dressing room. There is also a generous 10 garment max per style, so bring on the eBayers! Cash and credit are both accepted.
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260 Fifth Ave., New York, NY