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What To Expect At Tomorrow's Melissa Shoe Sale

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We know what you're thinking?plastic shoes? Noo. But YES, oh yes indeed if we're talking about the creative brand of plastic shoes from Brazil: Melissa. Known for their experimentation with guest designers, super unique shapes, and surprising comfort, Melissa's plastic wonders often find themselves on runways and on the feet of those who've gotten over the jellies of their youth.

Tomorrow at noon, the much-anticipated Melissa semi-annual sale begins in their West Chelsea showroom at 520 West 27th Street, between 10th and 11th Avenues. You'll have to buzz Suite 601 to get in, but once up in their airy workspace, you'll quickly learn why it was worth the walk. This time, they've got more Vivienne Westwood than we've seen at their previous sales, including the rainboots and a range of the heels and flats. Actually, they've got more of everything than we've seen at previous sales.

Even Karim Rashid's heels for the brand make an appearance, in black, silver (our favorite), gold and flocked black. If you can pull off a modular, inverted heel look, then we say go for it. Don't forget the famous Campana Brothers flats and matching bags (the bags are only $25), and the excellent Alexandre Herchcovitch spectators, boots and sandals...and even the embellished J. Maskrey sandals.

You'll find plenty of the staple Melissa styles as well, and the bulk of the selection is priced between $25-$55 and they take credit card or cash. If you're truly adventurous, and willing to lay down a little more plastic for the true plastic fantastic, then you can ask about the availability of the rare Zaha Hadid x Melissa sculptural shoes. They aren't on sale?you'll dole out $299 for them—and they're only for the brave, but man oh man there is no substitute. Anyways, enough with the talk?sale at Melissa tomorrow!
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