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Now Open: Brooklyn Farms Blossoms on Hicks

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Urban farming might be a growing trend, but the vast majority of New York green thumbs aren't raising organic crops on their rooftops so much as planting half-grown basil stalks in tiny boxes in their kitchens. New Carroll Gardens shop Brooklyn Farms appeals to those indoor ranchers with a range of grow lights, plant food, and other hydroponic accessories—everything you could need to produce monster tomatoes, which is, of course, the main reason people turn to hydroponics.

Although Brooklyn Farms does carry soil, it's not trying to compete with other local garden supply shops. Owner Rob Veksler says that before he opened his store, hydroponic gardeners had to trek out to Long Island for their supplies, so he saw a need in the market and jumped in. So far, he's had good luck with this strategy: The shop has been busy since he opened a few weeks ago, aided in part by its eye-catching Hicks Street storefront display of peas, carrots, tomatoes and basil, all growing hydroponically in the window.
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521 Hicks St, Brooklyn, NY