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In the Window: The Spades Have Lists, And They're Checking Them Twice

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If wishing we could live in Kate and Jack Spade's world of antique books, garden parties, etiquette tomes, JFK worship and hostess gifts is wrong—well, we just don't want to be right. Which is exactly why both shops' holidays windows are really taking us there. The theme is lists. Kate Spade presents us with a window-by-window way to enjoy the holidays in 20 simple steps: "Deck Your Heels," "Party Hop," "Paper-Chain With Abandon," "Throw a Snowball?" And the wit and wisdom goes on! We love the pinks and purples, the subtle showcasing of the holiday and resort collections, the whimsical illustrations of chandeliers, and the satin-shoe–decorated Christmas trees.

Our favorite is the "Check It Twice" window featuring a mannequin and her seemingly endless list of upper-crusty, so-WASPy-it-hurts holiday gift ideas (the likes of which—ping-pong paddles, scotch, dance lessons, journals, clutches, museum memberships—we've never been lucky enough to receive). Which brings us to Jack Spade. On the opposite side of that Soho block, their singular window features a sunglasses-wearing snow monster lost in a drift of pine and ice. He's managed to hold on to his slightly less neat but just as desirable list of goodies, and he can't stop thinking about buffalo plaid carryalls. Funny, we can't either.
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