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In the Window: Soho's Holiday Best

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After recovering from the depressive breakdown inspired by our Fifth Avenue window shopping extravaganza, and after picking up another of those $9 magnums of Merlot, we took a second holiday stroll—this time through Soho. Here are some of the neighborhood's best holiday decorations, although this list is by no means comprehensive. There is a lot to see out there!

Our favorites had to be at John Varvatos. At first we were totally unimpressed: Oh boy, more album covers, a rock 'n' roll theme—way to throw us a curve ball. Upon closer examination, however, we discovered that they were all holiday albums. There's even a signed faux Pearl Jam holiday record that pretty solidly spoofs a classic Jackson Five release. In close second comes Lucky Brand Jeans. Their window is chock full of random cut-outs of holiday kitsch and Victoriana—vintage santas, plastic toy soldiers, long-haired kittens. It's busy, brave and unlike any other display we've encountered this year.

We liked the fir tree-shaped pile of books at Brooklyn Industries and admired Uniqlo's non-denominational blizzard of bright red logos. Ricky's is hilarious, stupid, and great—blackspoitation with a light-up reindeer from Walmart and lots of gold. Equally funny are Jill Stuart's mannequins with giant snowman faces. Old Navy did good this year, with acid green pines comprised of various random silhouettes and accented by lots of neon, and the signage at adidas—in a pretty adorable shoelace font—is fun and charming. Club Monaco, Esprit and Forever 21 all went classy—blacks, whites, skylines, gifts—and, wait, a unicorn? And, finally, even though it is Parasuco, we have to admit their cascades of variously-colored ribbon is festive without being cliché.
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