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In the Window: The Worst of Soho

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We already took you on a tour of some of our favorite holiday windows in the shopping (or not shopping, whatever, it's fine) paradise that is Soho. You knew we couldn't leave it at that, right? So here are some of the worst seasonal displays the neighborhood has to offer.

We probably found Irregular Choice's random smattering of quilted suns and clouds the most annoying—it's everything that's irritating about the whole crafty/DIY movement. And it's not even done well. Equally busy and bizarre were offerings at Anna Sui and Desigual. Anna, ask Jill Stuart how to make a proper snow mannequin, because yours is no good. As for Desigual's queer animatronic intersection of cartoon and reality—all we can really say is the scheme seems to have been conceived whilst enjoying an acid trip. Armani Exchange: Just because it's "A Season to Shine" does not mean we want to see shards of metal flying towards us. But at least they know their demographic; why is Tommy Hilfiger Denim trying to be all gritty? The nonsensically-painted tire trees need to go. And Runway's decorations are tragic like Ricky's are funny—they're are a classy, classic storybook Christmas over-blown to excessive and embarrassing proportions. A McMansion in garlands and Santas, if you will.

More benignly bad: Mango's windows just look slapdash, while Paul Smith's giant photo blow-up of a Colorado ski cottage is more North Face than natty, trying too hard while Prada clearly just called it in. And finally there's Hollister. Their consistently papered-over windows are started to wear on us. Are you worried that fewer tourists will walk in if they can see your over-branded offerings from the street?
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