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No Surprises From Lindsay Lohan's 6126 Line Expansion

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Images via WWD

Yesterday, Lindsay Lohan announced via Twitter that she was expanding her 6126 leggings into a full fashion line, and there are even plans to expand the line into a lifestyle brand including cosmetics, handbags, shoes and jewelry in 2011. She's not giving up her seat at Ungaro though.

Now that the 6126 sketches are out, they're pretty much exactly what we expected. The collection will include 100 pieces, most of which are tight, short, and overtly sexy. A lot of it appears to be shiny. You won't be getting a break from leggings with the new line, either. There are shiny leggings, lacy leggings, and of course the knee-pad leggings, which we're pretty sure could make Grace Kelly look sketchy. In the U.S., 6126 sells at Neiman Marcus, Bloomingdale’s, Macy’s, and Nordstrom. What do you guys think about the new sketches?
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