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Lineblogging: Botkier Brings 'Em Out

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The line for the Botkier sample sale reaches around the corner, according to the tipster who just sent in the photo above. The sale opened at Lafayette between Broome and Kenmare just half an hour ago, so many of those ladies will be spending the whole morning out on the sidewalk.

It's a nice day for a sale line, of course, but is it worth the wait? Guerilla Shopper votes no, arguing that $175 to $275 is too much to pay for a bag on sale and that prices for sample bags were better last time. The Thread has photos, including a shot of a price list ranging from $25 up to $275—but it's hard to know what you'll find in the $25 category. We've got a reporter on the scene, so check back for full details later today.

Update: Writes our own correspondent: "I just got to Botkier and there's a line around the corner onto Broome up to Cleveland Place. It's not moving so I'll probably be here for while. Lots of well dressed women and I think everyone is smartly carrying a Botkier bag (mostly black bags)."
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Lafayette St and Kenmare, New York, NY