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Saks Rocks Out To 'Carol of the Bells'

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Saks Fifth Avenue Carol of the Bells from Racked on Vimeo.

The streets of Midtown are packed with shoppers, Rockefeller Center is overflowing with tourists, and the department stores are already sporting full Christmas light patterns on their facades?it's that time of the year alright. And you know who won't let us forget it? Saks Fifth Avenue and their blaring "Carol of the Bells."

Every so often (we're guessing every hour or half-hour, because we witnessed at 6:30pm one night), Saks' giant snowflakes dim for a moment, and then the music begins. You can be across the street or a block away from the store in any direction, but you will hear it loud and strong? da dadada da dadada...?the unforgettable clanging of the quick tune to "Carol of the Bells." It's quick a cute performance if you're into the holidays, since the snowflakes blink in time to the music. But otherwise, it's just more noise and more people standing in the middle of the sidewalk when you want to play the jaded New Yorker by walking quickly by, without so much as a glance up.
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Saks Fifth Avenue

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611 Fifth Avenue, New York, NY