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What's Old is New Again

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Fast-fashion may be losing its sheen as people grok to the idea that spending $80 for a garment to wear for 2 or 3 months is not that great of a deal, but WWD says a number of high-end online vintage boutiques are picking up the slack. The word "vintage" still carries cachet by virtue of implying that something is unique or hard-to-find. Anyone can go to Barneys and come out high fashion, but to do the same at the Salvation Army takes skill. OK, that's not necessarily true, but the implication is there. Higher-end online shops like or offer "curated" selections, which means they do all the work sourcing, identifying, and photographing the garments. So you just have to break out a credit card and you too can say, "Oh this? It's vintage Halston." [WWD]