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Ed Hardy In The House

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The Jersey Shore aesthetic goes international with the opening of Christian Audigier's Parisian club. Funny, somehow we thought that Paris?being the international fashion capital?was above the appeal of Audigier and his heinous Ed Hardy designs. But apparently not, since he's just branched out his nightclub business from Las Vegas to the Boulevard Malesherbes.
The lounge, the first of its kind in France but rumored to be far from the last, is stocked with Ed Hardy energy drinks, 150€ bottles of Audigier champagne, and plenty of portraits and videos of the lizardy man himself, posing with Michael Jackson and other celebs. Who wants to bet it even sells special overpriced merchandise? Someone please reassure us that this isn't the next generation of Planet Hollywoods/Hard Rock Cafes. [Materialiste]