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Angie & Penny's Tilapia-skin Bikinis

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Sometimes an idea seems so obvious that it's also pretty awful, like, "A bodysuit covers everything, I can just wear it without pants." Possibly along the same lines is "bathing suits made of fish skin? Genius!" But that happened over at Angie and Penny's Designs, where they are making bikinis and handbags out of tilapia skin.

The idea is creepy, but the execution doesn't seem so bad. The fabric is waterproof, and the model says it's pretty comfortable. And you know no one else will be wearing the same suit. On the other hand, how many, "Something smells fishy" jokes do you want to hear in a day?

It is priced at $84 on the Angie & Penny's website, so you can get your hands on it if you want to. So what do you think, would you wear a bathing suit made of fish skin?
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