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It's True: Balenciaga, Marc Jacobs, Kenzo Shoes at DSW

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As soon as we read "Balenciaga shoes for under $100," and saw they included the infamous Lego ones of a couple years ago, we sprinted to the DSW Union Square to see this Christmas miracle for ourselves. And we have good news and bad news.

First, the good news: There are indeed Balenciaga shoes for $99, in several styles. There are also $199 Ralph Lauren boots, $99 Marc by Marc Jacobs pumps, Kenzo booties (wasn't sure if these qualified as $199 boots or $99 shoes), and Donna Karan booties as well.

The bad news: Sizes and stock are extremely limited. There's three racks MAX, and they're quickly dwindling. There are only one pair of black patent MiuMiu flats in a size 9, for instance, but about 25 boxes of the Balenciaga Lego heels. Sizes range from 36-38, with the occasional 40 thrown in. You'll find the Balenciaga heels a bit steep, but there are two—count 'em—two pairs of the robot heels in their flat versions for someone in a size 5-6.

SCOOP: Anxious to get to this sale when we first read about it last night, we swung by DSW's website to find that they had the Prada knee-high fisherman boots from the fall runway collection included in the $199 designer promotion. However, it's only available online in a size 6. Forget the Balenciaga, that's what we want for Christmas! Their online Marc by Marc Jacobs selection is far better, and running the $99, $199 specials as well.

Who said that Cyber Monday had already passed?
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