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Is Carlos Falchi for Target A Big Pile Of Fugliness?

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This weekend, while we wandered through the Jersey City Target in search of more Rodarte for Target?like for the accessories maybe?we instead stumbled across displays for the other designer collaborations currently in store: Carlos Falchi purses and Anna Sheffield jewelry.

For a while now we've suspected the Falchi collaboration of being unsuccessful, with its faux snakeskin patchwork reminiscent of one of those $29.99 "real leather" patchwork jackets from a CVS. Let's be honest?there wasn't exactly a fervor over them and now we see that they're still pretty well stocked even though the purses have been in store since November 1 (or earlier, in some cases).

The real nail in the coffin came when a reader submitted one of the Falchi bags for the "The Ugliest Handbag Ever" contest and giveaway over at our sister site, Racked LA. It didn't win, but it did keep company with heinousness from Ed Hardy and a purse like dripping roadkill.

The bags are only supposed to be on sale until December 27, but we have no doubt that the lot of them? is still full up with Falchi?will be a hearty portion of the post-Christmas clearance section.

But what do you think? Do they deserve a sale sticker or are they just misunderstood and actually great? Spill in the comments.
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