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Rodarte For Target Stocked In Stores, Selling Out Online

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Yesterday was the big day indeed; the day that New Yorkers woke up to knee-high snowdrifts from the first snowstorm of the season. Oh thought we were going to say that yesterday was important because the Rodarte collaboration hit Target? Okay, yeah, that too.

Even though Targets are opening early during the holiday season at 8am, we found the place still a ghost town when we tumbled through the parking lot's snow mountains and into the Jersey City store at 10am. And there it was?4-5 racks stocked full of the stuff, in every size and color and style. Or at least that's what we thought at first, but then we noted that the black lace cardigan, the bow belts and the tights and kneesocks were missing. Still, it was a healthy selection.

First, we were shocked at how many different products there were?Target didn't release press photos of every item, and so the raincoat, swimwear, leopard-print hoodie and floral-print version of the cute halter dress were a pleasant surprise. Second, we inspected the quality...

We're going to say one thing about the quality of the collection, and it's hardly a revelation: it would have been better as an Anthropologie line. Okay, we'll say two things about the quality: the mesh bow top is made of about $5 of materials, at most. It was disappointing, and very static-y. And yet shortly after our arrival, a few groups of shoppers blew in and cooed over these very items.

At the very moment we were squinting our eyes at these items in-store, they were selling out like online like no Target collab has before, or so we believe. And then?check this out?the ribcage dress (which has a sheer back, by the way), available in every size at the store, was already selling for over quadruple the price on eBay.

Some stores didn't have it as good as Jersey City, of course, but we can't help but think that we'll see the ribcage dress again in a few months...on the sale rack.
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