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Bedford Avenue Tetris Building Earns High Scores for Menswear

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The oddly-shaped, eco-friendly Williamsburg development that Curbed has dubbed the Bedford Avenue Tetris Building just opened for business, adding three new retail spaces to the west side of Bedford next to the mini-mall. The new complex houses Norbu jewelry and a Tibetan crafts place, but the real star is brand-new menswear shop ID.

There's no shortage of menswear in Williamsburg, but ID stands out as a rare local store for guys who want to look good but aren't trying to make a dramatic fashion statement. The shop, which has been open about three weeks, carries a ton of Fred Perry (jackets, shirts, sweaters), WESC, and Superdry. There's a denim rack, a windowsill full of shoes from Generic Surplus, and a decent-sized bag collection. It's all streetwear-inflected, but not aggressively trendy, and none of it falls prey to the "I'm going to wear this because it's hilariously ugly" curse that haunts Bedford to this day.
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232 Bedford Avenue, Brooklyn, NY