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Holiday Gifts Under $10, Including Our Contest Winner!

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Image via Lush

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This holiday season, you can still be the office's trumping Secret Santa with the present that tops our list of gifts under $10. Last week, we asked readers to send in their favorite cheap gift, with a $50 gift certificate to the Lucky e-boutique going to the winner. Racked readers suggested plenty of drink accessories and caffeinated treats, but the prize has to go to the person whose gift combined relaxing with saving money.

The contest winner suggested LUSH's fresh homemade lavender "Waving not Drowning" spheres of bath fizzy that promise to melt away as quickly as your holiday stress. At $4.87 per 3.1 oz Bath Bomb, gift givers can afford to give away plenty of balls of magic. Pick from other fun-named Bath Bombs such as the "World Piece," green-tinged for your Earth-loving friend; "Honey Lumps" for your missus; or "Christmas Party," the sparkling, mimosa-scented bomb for a coworker.

Other gifts to help you get through the holidays and enjoy them substantially more, priced under $10:

Caffeinated Fruity Lollipops from ThinkGeek. These fun, fruity pops promise to keep you and friends going through New Year's. At $9.99, they're about the price of two cups of NYC coffee, and as a bargain, you get 10 pops per pack. Plus, you don't waste time getting the caffeine because it's absorbed faster through your mouth.

Fred Flare Candy Cane Shot Glasses. The gift you can eat, while sipping at delicious holiday fluid concoctions. It's perfect for a hot chocolate dessert post-dinner or peppermint martini before the party even starts. On sale for a set of 2, $4.99.

Fishs Eddy Brooklynese Mug. A perfect gift for the person you know who says coffee like "cawffee." Holds 10 oz of liquid for $9.95.

HandiSleeve by Umbra. Going along with the popular drink theme, one reader suggests the Handisleeve to go around your to-go cup, which is great for commuters and cafe-goers alike.

Fred Flare Staple-free Stapler. For only $9, plus the money you'll save not having to buy staples ever again, this gift is eco-friendly and keeps on giving. It works by punching sheets of paper into each other.

Target Cabernet, Shiraz, and Zin Varietal Stopper Set No matter what kind of wine you like, Target has the perfect metal and rubber stopper set to top it off at $9.98 a pop.

Mxyplyzyk's Compact Travel Games. From the Greenwich Village shop named after a character in the early Superman comics comes a set of compact games that will keep you entertained for your overnight flight back to work or five-hour long car ride to grandma's house.

Fujifilm Quicksnap disposable camera.What's the point of all the holiday fun if you can't look back at the late-night holiday parties? Forget digital cameras, writes a reader: At $7.63, this camera is great if you want to develop pictures to put in frames.

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