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Hollister Announces Midtown Arrival with Groggy, Topless Surfer

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Femia, 12/21/09

Dude. One minute you're lying out on a beach in California, and the next minute you wake up and you rub your eyes and you're in the middle of some loud, busy city and it's freaking cold out. Plus which there's a taxi in front of your face that says "Memphis" on it, but this is so totally not Memphis. WTF?

Allow us to explain. You're not in Memphis. You're in midtown New York—Fifth Avenue and 53rd Street, to be exact, in front of a space that used to house Hickey Freeman and will soon be the home of the city's second Hollister. And since Hollister's trademark is the shirtless man, they've stuck you on a billboard in front of the two-story space while they renovate it. It's going to be a while before they open to the public, but when they do, they'll bring with them a whole army of bare-chested greeters, so hang in there, bro. You won't be alone for long.
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668 Fifth Ave, New York, NY