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Racked Giveaways: Lady Gaga Needs a Makeover!

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Yesterday, we asked readers to send us their best Photoshopped Lady Gaga makeover pictures for the chance to win a lovely Lauren Merkin clutch worth approximately $180 to $200. We expected to see a lot of Gaga in Abercrombie, so we were surprised and kind of thrilled when our first notable entry went in exactly the opposite direction. Ladies and gentlemen, we give you Matthew Barney Gaga.

Writes the person who sent in the photo, "Lady Gaga's fashion choices remind me of Bjork, although slightly wilder, which brought Mathew Barney to mind. So, I used Baby Fay La Foe from the Mathew Barney Cremaster series as my Lady Gaga inspiration. I would love to see Lady Gaga work with an outrageous and controversial artist such as Mathew Barney, I'm sure fabulous things would happen." If that video existed, we would be watching it right now. For the fifteenth time.

Think you can do better? You have until Friday to send us your best shot. And hey, men, don't be afraid to enter! We know the prize isn't very guy-friendly, but it does make a nice gift for a girlfriend/sister/stylish mom.
· Give Lady GaGa a Makeover, Win a Free Clutch! [Racked]