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Let Lady Gaga Dress You For Christmas

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Not Just A Label is wrapping up its Celebrity Christmas Special of star-curated online pop-up shops with a set from fashion-boundary-pushing pop-star, Lady Gaga. There is jewelry from AND_i by sculptor and goldsmith Andreas Eberharter, including the shin guard bangle she wore on the cover of Maxim and the aluminum eye patch Alexander Skarsgard wore in the video for Paparazzi. The $102 eye patch is, unfortunately, already sold out. Le sigh.

There was also a pair of Stefán Orschel-Read’sTwelfth Night-inspired wing trousers for $1,575, and the one-of-a-kind Gaga Protection Shield Cape by Ascione sold for $969. Savannah Wyatt's "Bad Romance" lace half-hat is only $149 and is still available if you are awesome/insane enough to wear it.
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