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Did Gwyneth Paltrow Violate New Blogger Swag Guidelines?

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The GOOP in question
The GOOP in question

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We suspected that the new FTC disclosure guidelines, which require online writers to admit any swag they received in exchange for reviews, would cause chaos in the world of lifestyle blogs. We did not suspect that Gwyneth Paltrow would be involved in the first high-profile FTC scandal. The story: Gwyneth raved about Morocco's La Mamounia Hotel in the latest issue of GOOP, calling it "ridiculously lavish" after spending Thanksgiving there with a bunch of other celebrities.

Daily Finance tracked down some sources claiming there is "not a chance in hell" that Gwyneth actually paid for her stay, considering that she was there for the hotel's grand re-opening, which just happened to feature scads of paparazzi. But if she was comped, should she have mentioned it somewhere in the newsletter? The FTC's rules on celebrity endorsements are fuzzy, but it sounds like she might be eligible for a fine. Daily Finance has promised a follow-up—in the meantime, 240 bored businesspeople are debating Gwyneth's relative merits in their comments section.
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