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Pop-Up Shops: Hickoree's Woodsier Williamsburg

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Lo, is that another new pop-up? Indeed—not only has Hickoree's Hard Goods (a booth you may recall from the last Pop-Up Flea) opened a temporary outpost along a semi-desolate stretch of Metropolitan Avenue in Williamsburg, but the space housing good ole Hickoree's is a sort of permanent pop-up venue founded solely to host quirky, two-month exhibitions and retail tenants. Called Metropolitan Green, the space is—you guessed it—green, and allegedly is prominently featured on many a list of New York's greenest architectural accomplishments.

Hickoree's Hard Goods is kind of that Great American/Rustic American/American Sportswear/American Classics Eden that every bearded, booted, and flanneled man's man (stylish man's man) in New York has been looking for. Find quirky tie clips, vintage dead-stock outerwear, handsome work boots and boat shoes, tool (tote) bags, classic stationery, handmade bandannas and ties, and—naturally—Brooklyn-made pickles.

Don't go in if you're looking for a bargain. Vintage starts around $50 and climbs to $400; bandannas are $39, and at around $60, ties aren't obscene but aren't exactly a deal. But adorable tool pendants and tie clips start at only $19 and go up to about $40, and paper goods start at $2. And, if nothing else, you can now buy a birdcall in the middle of Williamsburg—at least until January 31st, when the pop-up pops back down.
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Hickoree's Hard Goods

109 S 6th Street, Brooklyn, NY 11211 347-294-0005 Visit Website

Metropolitan Green

439 Metropolitan Ave., Brooklyn, NY