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Holiday Deals on Eryn Brynié, BlueNotch and More

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We were pretty grumpy after traipsing around Soho in the freezing cold biding our time during the hour and a half delayed opening of the sample sale from designers Eryn Brynié, BlueNotch, Kaylee Tankus, Democracy of Nevermind and Kai-aakmann. We had a feeling that would happen after walking by a pretty barren Openhouse Gallery at 9pm last night. But once we finally entered and saw all the pretty clothes and the very reasonable prices, all was forgiven.

Racks are organized by designer and the price lists are posted on each rack. The sale is mainly about Eryn Brynié, and the amount of clothing is almost overwhelming. The jam-packed racks contain tons and tons of coats for $120 (super cute cropped and hooded puffies, soft wool trenches and more), adorable party skirts and flirty dresses for $30 (we loved this nude and black ruffle tiered confection), tees for $15 and long sleeve tops for $20. The sizes range across the board, but we spotted mostly smalls and mediums. Be sure to look through all the racks as there are some one-off samples, too.

BlueNotch also makes a big showing with jeans priced to a Uniqlo level of $40 a pair. We spotted mostly skinnies in tons of washes—dark, light, distressed, button ankle and cords. Women's sizes range from 25-30, but it seemed like most were 26 or 27. BlueNotch also has racks for the guys with an assortment of denim sized between 30 and 36. Be sure to check out the piercing detail on the pocket (and accompanying warning label on the tag to not actually wear the piercing. Doh!). The label also offers a hipster's array of flannels ($30), vintage feel tees ($15-$20), outerwear ($90) and more for both men and women.

Kaylee Tankus is also on the scene with pieces from her flowy, flattering and modern collections. Draped, long-sleeved architectural tees are $30 each; minimalist yet innovative dresses are $65 each. There are also a few racks full of items embellished with zippers and studs from hipster label Democracy of Nevermind. Prices ranging from $15 (shorts and super soft and slouchy tees) to $80 for coats. Lastly, the unisex label Kai-aakmann offers items ranging from $15 for tees to $120 for coats. Definitely check out the gorgeous grey wool trenches.

There are no fitting rooms, but Openhouse Gallery did thoughtfully provide a few full length mirrors for viewing. As of noon today, staffers were still filling the racks with additional stock, and they plan to restock again tomorrow. Cash and credit are both accepted. For those dropping by today, they did not have shopping bags yet (oops), so you might want to bring your own.
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Openhouse Gallery

201 Mulberry St., New York, NY