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Project Runway Finally Back Where It Belongs

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We'd barely had a chance to stop yawning over the finale of last season's Project Runway, and now we've got a new season premiering on January 14th. There will be sixteen new contestants from all over the country, and half are 30 years old or older. And we'll meet sixteen new models, who will also be appearing on the show's surprisingly fun spinoff, "Models of the Runway." More importantly, Tim is back, Heidi is back and we have a feeling we'll be seeing a lot more of Michael and Nina, who are both returning, because the show is back in New York!

Once again we'll be hearing the words "Atlas Apartments," "Parsons,"" and "L'Oreal Paris," a lot this season. Joining them in overuse will be "HP" and "Intel," who will be awarding the winner a $50,000 technology suite, which will be added to the usual group of grand prizes.

And now to get us in the mood for Project Runway's return, the top five reasons we're looking forward to the new season:

5. It's back in NYC, so we'll get our regular judges judging more.

4. It's back in NYC, so we won't be subjected to a "Design an Ed Hardy T-shirt" competition.

3. It's back in NYC, so (hopefully) we'll get more guest judges like Catherine Malandrino, who discuss fashion and style, and fewer judges like Eva Longoria Parker, who discussed her own butt.

2. It's back in NYC, so Tim Gunn won't be forced to wear flip flops (again).

1. It's back in NYC!!!

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