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Epaulet Launches Trousers; Change of Season's TV Christmas

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CARROLL GARDENS—Menswear is so much more obsessed with the means of production than womenswear. Smith Street shop Epaulet just launched an in-house line of trousers, and they've been absolutely painstaking about making sure they're well-made, finding an old-school tailoring house in the city where the pants are constructed by hand. Right now, the line consists of two pairs of British moleskin in tan and navy, and one pair in Italian wool, all $165. Expect to see them release further styles in small batches in 2010. [RackedWire]

EAST VILLAGE—And the award for Most Unusual Holiday Window goes to the good people at Change of Season, who heard "holidays" and thought "television!" The window stars a bunch of monitors playing things like an old-school Gaultier video, some runway shows, and a performance from Italian pop star Mina. Do click through for the reveal. [RackedWire]


231 Smith Street, Brooklyn, NY 11231 718-522-3800 Visit Website


231 Smith Street, Brooklyn, NY