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Collabs: Lisa Loeb Finally Designs a Line of Eyewear

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Seriously, why didn't this happen 12 years ago? The world has been waiting! Classique Eyewear recently announced that a Lisa Loeb Eyewear Collection will be debuting in early 2010. For those of you who are too young to remember, Loeb—who brought the world retro cat eye glasses and the whole sexy librarian thing that still haunts just about every indie rock boy's dreams—had a number one single in 1994 before even having a record deal. That classic karaoke break-up ballad "Stay (I Missed You)" lead to a series of albums, a couple of hits, two reality TV shows, and finally—a collection of eyewear comprised of frames named after the singer's songs and inspired by Loeb's love of the culinary arts.

Something about this collection—even though it might be a few years past Loeb's mainstream expiration date—really makes sense to us. We don't want to smell like Britney Spears (Newports and Cheetos? No thanks.) But, we've always admired Loeb's collection of big, butterfly glasses—why not check out a pair of frames the almost too-adorable songwriter put her stamp of approval on?

From the website:

Flirty. Approachable. Witty. Sincere?

The Lisa Loeb Collection features frames for every face, and a look for any occasion: the office, school, your best friend’s wedding, or the after party. Designs to accentuate a life fully lived.

The Lisa Loeb Collection spans classic lines in black and tortoise shell, bold color, and signature accents such as temple designs, etchings and rhinestones?

Explore the Collection and you’ll find a palette of colors that will complement any woman’s skin tone. The line also features frames to fit younger girls, as well as some unisex styles that will appeal to fashionable men.

The Lisa Loeb Collection. Eyewear that defines a life: yours.

· The Lisa Loeb Eyewear Collection [Official Site]